E-Commerce Facebook vs LinkedIn: Which Platform Yields Better Marketing Results?

Which platform yields better results: Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads? Social media management is a crucial aspect in today’s business world and almost every company on this planet understands its magnitude for massive reach and maximum sales.

Social media marketing is a gateway to optimal promotions, brand awareness, credibility building and gaining users’ trust. Once users connect with your business or brand, they will stick with it for a long time.

Today, millions of people are active on hundreds of social media platforms. From a business point of view, this opens the door to new audiences, which means reaching new users and customers while providing brands maximum exposure. But when it comes to promotions, it is very important that you first understand which platform is better for the type of marketing you are aiming for to create a hype in your target region.

Facebook and LinkedIn are both media giants but they attract different kinds of users. Facebook is more like social-savvy and is simply used by users for fun. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is entirely professional and suited for business purposes. Let’s look at the sheer number of users on each platform. As of 2019, Facebook has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, while LinkedIn has about 250 million active users. The ultimate facade that differentiates Facebook from LinkedIn is the type of users, targeting quality and the nature of leads.

Advertising on Linkedin and Facebook

LinkedIn is truly a game-changer for B2B (business to business) marketing, where the target audience is mainly companies, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts. The platform effectively realizes marketing goals concerning lead generation and awareness. Here are some facts about LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn is the third most used social platform among business personnel.
  • 41% of B2B marketers give priority to LinkedIn marketing.
  • LinkedIn has been the most effective platform for product launch and business promotion.
  • LinkedIn is also the most effective way to recruit the best talent.
  • LinkedIn improves the professional outlook and bridges the gap for face-to-face relationships.

Facebook needs no introduction when it comes to business to consumer (B2C) marketing and has been entrepreneurs’ favorite marketing platform to kick-start a business. Facebook is a platform for anyone to advertise and it’s a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is tailor your ads to your business’s specific needs. The factors that portray Facebook as extremely dependable to drive leads and engagement are:

  • The marketing and promotions are relatively low cost and affordable to anyone.
  • Users are interactive with ads via likes, shares, and comments.
  • Facebook Ads allow businesses to bridge the communication gap.
  • It’s a remarkable platform to drive traffic to the website and evidently drive sales.
  • Customer support in rapid turnaround time, where businesses can respond quickly to customer queries.
  • It is a gateway to immense exposure since 90% of Facebook’s users are active daily via app and website.

Other than Facebook and LinkedIn, there are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, and many more. At SYNC, we are working with a team of leading marketers who first understand your business niche and then bring you a viable marketing approach to realize your business goals. To speak with our specialist, you can always stop by at

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